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Our country has suffered a great loss! Not only the loss of two brave policemen, but also the loss of security, trust, and freedom! We are no longer free to take our family on outings, to walk without looking over our shoulders, or to allow ourselves to ever put our guard down. Two police officers were killed in vane on Friday, July 31, 1998. There families will forever be empty while a man sits in a mental ward and gets pity for being unstable! I am a strong eye for an eye...a tooth for a tooth! Do unto others. . . etc... so where is the justice? What relief will the families of these policemen get? Will they forever be on guard? Is it enough for them to know that their husband, father, son, grandfather, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew died in the line of duty? That they are now heros? Is that going to help their daughters as they walk down the isle..or some may not have graduated yet....or when the next grandchild is born? How about when the grandchildren that ask their moms and nanas..."Where is Poppy?" Who is going to answer those questions? Out of fairness...shouldn't we take those children to this cruel sick man and let HIM explain this to them? Maybe if we took a minute and all said a silent prayer for the families of Officer Jacob "JJ" Chestnut and Detective John Gibson. . . . . their days may be a little easier! My hats off to you two hero's......may more Americans have the strength, courage and dedication that you two men showed the world on your fateful day!