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If you need to refill your drinks or fluff your pillows....this would be a good time to do it! But don't take to long. There are a bunch of neat things for you to see!! Here are some wonderful sites for some wonedrful pictures! I hope you all enjoy these!!

Allot of Gifs to Go ~> Good site for a little bit of everything!
Draac's Gifs 1-2-3! ~> Draac is great for every single kind of gif there is...He also has midis, and html lessons too!
Animated Gif Archives ~> There are some pretty good things here too! Stop in. . . Look around!
Venus Animated Gifs! ~> Nice site. Haven't really been there alot. Stop by and tell me what you think!
Grandma_George's Country Graphics ~> Such a nice peaceful site for the lil' country in everyone!
Victorian Elegance ~> No words can explain this site. This ladies graphics are just beautiful!
Pat's Web Graphics ~> Her site is another absolutely gorgeous site. Hence, the graphics for my homepage. Please take the time to go look around! Guarenteed to find something for YOU!