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One of my favorite past times is reading about pregnancy and all the wonderful things it holds! Here are some wonderful sites that I have found. I hope you enjoy them as much I as have. Some of them have wonderful bullitan boards, others wonderful chats, and really good articles. Be sure to check them all out!

Ask Noah About Pregnancy ~> Good site for a little about everything!
Babycenter ~> Great Baby Name Program and a fabulous personilized fetus and baby chart!
ParentHoodWeb ~> This site has some good ultrasound images and an interactive pregnacy journal!>This site is #1 for baby names. It has a bullitan board for current feed back on any names that you maybe considering.
Fatherhood for New AND expecting DADS! ~> need a site for the man in your life. Help get him ready for the role he is to play. I have checked this out and feel it is a good site.
Celebrity Baby Names ~> See what the stars aren naming their babies....and some may actually be worth a laugh or two!
BabyZone ~> This site has another full list of everything from names, stories, calendars, and birthing stories! This site is worth stopping by!