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Well, I have decided that it is time I make a spot for my friends. I know there are so many of you out there in situations like me. . . parent working.... and kids that want it all.! It gets kind of boring to be home all day...and the only person you can talk to pukes on you or needs their diaper changed! :-) So because so many of you have touched me in a specail way.... I dedicate this page to you ....and for you I don't mention .... I mean too! I just suffer from Can't Remember Stuff syndrome.!! I will add you! Just drop me a friendly email saying, "Hey, where is MY name?" and I will know what you mean!

RudyBear~>You have been there for me SOO many times in my "web" life. Not only have you helped me through my webtv helped me in my home also. I want to take this time to thank you for being kind, caring, compassionate, friendly, loving and a Follower and Believer. Your wisdom and love will pay off to the Higher Judge! :-)

Button-1009~>Girl, Where would I even begin? ha ha. you were there to laugh at me when the water hose was brought out and the table dancing parties began. We laughed in private as we timed how fast I could clear a room. All of that to NOW. When we lay it all on the keyboard and help each other cause God knows...the two of us need it! :-) You think that John would mind? If not...get on in a car and hop on down here! Remember forever...YOU are the strength and we are the beams that support you! :-)

SilverSrpings98~>You my fair lady...have come to my by accident but have made me feel all the wiser! ha ha. I have enjoyed your emails very much and I enjoy the offers, gestures and sweet things that you do! You are a caring person and it shows. I am so glad that you were sent to me! You make me smile when I read your emails...and you also make me laugh when I read some of your "?'s"! :-) If ever there is a way I can repay you for your gratitude..... please let me know!

NgocKnock~>I know we haven't known each other REAL long but you have touched my heart in such a special way. I want you to know that I enjoy talking to you and giving you all the love, suport and friendship you can handle! I wish you all the luck in the world...and remember are becoming a MOM- - - NOT a statistic! I hope and pray that all turns out for you and Miguel and I also hope that you fid a way to keep the lines open once that little rascal finally joins us!

MOW~>What an incredible group of women you are. I have been so lucky to find you guys... you are a strength, a force and a wonderful source of suppor! I hope to continuelearning more about you!